DALÌ Salvador (Figueras, 1904 - 1989)


LA SECONDA CORNICE - XIII canto del Purgatorio


  • Author:

    DALÌ Salvador (Figueras, 1904 - 1989)

  • Title:

    LA SECONDA CORNICE - XIII canto del Purgatorio

  • Place: Parigi
  • Publisher: Raymond Jacquet
  • Data: 1960
  • Format: 24,6 x 17,7 cm (immagine), 33 x 26,1 cm (foglio)
  • Comparison bibliographic: Michler/Löpsinger, 1132

Price: € 200,00

Product's description

Original color xylography on BFK Rives paper.  The table is taken from the most important illustrated work ever produced by the great Spanish master. 100 tables refer to the three cantos, Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise. "I wanted my illustrations for Dante to be like the faint imprint of moisture on a divine cheese. Hence, their appearance of colorful butterfly wings." Words of Salvador Dali in his woodcuts of the comments devoted to 'The Divine Comedy'. It's 33 triptychs (about hell and the last table), each of which is composed of three panels that tell the Paradise, Purgatory and Hell of Dante. In all, it took more than 5 years of work to cut wood on which 3500 were progressively etched 35 colors of each table. The work of engraving the plates that reproduce the wooden boards was created by Master Raymond Jacquet under the direct supervision of Salvador Dali that has signed, numbered and published in France for Les Heures Claires. The 100 tables from which the woodcuts are taken, have seen the birth at the dawn of the mystical period of Dali. Suffice it to say that the Spanish artist took ten years to complete, from 1950 to 1959, and presented to the public in 1960 at the Palais Galliera in Paris. The boards are made ??primarily in watercolor with pen-work for interpreting and reinventing what the verses of the 'Divine Comedy' evoke the visionary imagination of Dali. This spring grotesque shapes and colors now, now irreverent, ironic, dramatic, sensual, ecstatic, allegorical and unexpectedly graceful and sublime. The specimen is in good state of conservation, very slight crown burnishing the image. See Michler / Löpsinger, 1132


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